Life, illness & reformations

The plight of many National Health workers is one of mis-trust.The white-flight of lower banded assistants & carers who attend these eastern hospitals, has left the senior members of staff fumbling for management ideas.




The feeding stations for doctors are fractured by private entities who will employ staff at the lowest cost.



Changing Times in Health & Depression


We look at the future & what do we see. A bright mental picture for some.
The challenge for the health services is mounting debt.
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Happy reading, cross-words & find a solution to the lack of early intervention in our G.P. surgeries.
β›³ A Free Service me thinks not,

Council Tax is increasing, nothing new there!

With the health service stretched to the limit, look after number one & eat smart. futures

Cory John, a happy little lad


With insight the NHS will fail.



A better way is to inspire the next generation to dream big!

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My way is the best,
Bevan was out of school too early!
Jobs for the girls will take over & the common-man πŸ•. will be forced to b subservient as domestic chores drive US into submission.
Mull this over l8er.
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