Changing Times in Health & Depression


We look at the future & what do we see. A bright mental picture for some.
The challenge for the health services is mounting debt.
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Happy reading, cross-words & find a solution to the lack of early intervention in our G.P. surgeries.
β›³ A Free Service me thinks not,

Council Tax is increasing, nothing new there!

With the health service stretched to the limit, look after number one & eat smart. futures

Cory John, a happy little lad


With insight the NHS will fail.



A better way is to inspire the next generation to dream big!

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My way is the best,
Bevan was out of school too early!
Jobs for the girls will take over & the common-man πŸ•. will be forced to b subservient as domestic chores drive US into submission.
Mull this over l8er.
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