Bed Time Read inn g …..

BRAC cells have reared their ugly head … so beware ! mb


Good Fellow

Why does it have to come to this ? #HealingSpirit #agendaforchange #transformation #ItmightJust

The Groan of Madness

Contingency planning for Mark –

  Relax, remain calm & do not over think


Remain calm especially after trauma

Calm a state of mind – inner eurphoria

When over-thought is happening – Breathe + Remove your conscious thought patterns to a Place of Safety

  1. Parental delusions – pre morbid – destructive thinking
  2. Wanting more from the same period of time ” Is That it ?” – not always
  3. Waiting – walk away from the problem – Then return refreshed
  4. Spending patterns
  5. diet in moderation
  6. Be Happy

#OhNoJeremy another campaign of ignorance

Mental Health underfunding, palming off of patients and parking charges….. Oh yes this are definitely to continue until 2019 – 2020. A team around him,,,hmm why did he dodge the bullet of Universal Credit? Does he have higher ambitions come the total destruction which is impending at the end of May’s reign.


Why our Health is key

We dream of many beautiful outcomes when young. We end up with a Health Service that has little left. Family Planning, car parking & financial services have been hived off to the lowest bidder, why? To give us the least back from our National Insurance & income tax.

As of writing 9th May 2017, our government has been dissolved pending an election which will surely bring greater powers to the right wing.

So come mid-June our plight will continue with doctors & clinical commissioning groups dividing up “Our Health Care” to fill their own over-paid pockets. 

Why drive to work?

Born with legs, never use them. Sound familiar? 

Could you walk, cycle or catch the bus? It would add variety,perhaps make you fitter. Yes, you could but you probably won’t, we are all lazy at heart. 

So be tied to your car, do not release the endorphins,pollute our society & forget your “Total Well Being”


EBay Can Work 

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Welcome to eBay Partner Network

New Affiliate 101Learn more about EPN.

What is affiliate marketing?

How is eBay Partner Network (EPN) different from other affiliate networks?

How do I earn commission?

What tools do I have available to me?

Create a Promotable Link

Get started now with these two options.

Create Links with Copy and Paste

1. Find something on eBay you want to promote

2. Copy the URL address and paste it below

3. Click “Create” to make a link specifically for you

4. Copy and promote this link to your audience

Choose your campaignDefault campaignPromotions default campaignmarkadam123

Paste an eBay URL address

Make the linkCreate

Create Links While Browsing eBay

Drag the Bookmarklet icon to the Bookmarks BarFind products on eBay that you want to promoteClick the Bookmarklet to create a promotable linkCopy your new link and share with your audience

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EPN-Promotions default campaign

Create Promotable Links Automatically

Smart Links lowers the time and effort to create promotable links. Add a simple code snippet to your page and your affiliate tag is automatically added to your eBay links.

To Get Started:

Copy the code below and place it between the tags of your webpages.Validate your setup by loading your web pages and hovering over each eBay link, they will now point to “…”

Choose your campaignDefault campaignPromotions default campaignmarkadam123

Copy your code snippet

window._epn = {campaign:5337670078};

Find, Share, Earn

Current EPN publishers find success by linking to these areas of eBay:

Search Results

Link to an entire search results page to give your audience a wider selection.

Trends and Events

Promote eBay’s Trending and Events pages to showcase today’s top selling items.

Daily Deals

Share eBay’s Daily Deals that offer deep discounts on the top brands, with free shipping.