Foot fun or not?


Give these points a little tickling!


Yes, we know the Health Service is creaking at the seams,however. .

Take the positives, it is virtually free, apart from;

  • Parking
  • Snacks & Drinks

Wasted time, is a concern, nobody likes hanging around,but it is your health so it’s worth it. National insurance only kicks in if you’re “on sick” from work. Social security is longer, fact! If you get the treatment you require,fine.If not, go to PALS, THE PRESS or your M.P.

   Hope this help ?

Discovering our Immunity

This is a very complex question, let us break down into bite size chunks.

  • Happiness may play a significant quodos
  • Genealogy also is a key player
  • Lifestyle as we well know has a strong impact, when & what we eat must be considered. Then there is the medicine we take,this can build up resistance to super-bugs. As we stand in 2017, anti-biotics are enemy number one. So when you next see your Doctor, Clinician or Consultant think very carefully about the future consequences & the ensuing correspondence.
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