Why our Health is key

We dream of many beautiful outcomes when young. We end up with a Health Service that has little left. Family Planning, car parking & financial services have been hived off to the lowest bidder, why? To give us the least back from our National Insurance & income tax. As of writing 9th May 2017, our […]

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Why drive to work?

Born with legs, never use them. Sound familiar?  Could you walk, cycle or catch the bus? It would add variety,perhaps make you fitter. Yes, you could but you probably won’t, we are all lazy at heart.  So be tied to your car, do not release the endorphins,pollute our society & forget your “Total Well Being” […]

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EBay Can Workย 

DashboardAccount Tools Reports ProgramsCampaigns  MessagesHelp Welcome to eBay Partner Network New Affiliate 101Learn more about EPN. What is affiliate marketing? How is eBay Partner Network (EPN) different from other affiliate networks? How do I earn commission? What tools do I have available to me? Create a Promotable Link Get started now with these two options. Create Links with Copy […]

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Discovering our Immunity

This is a very complex question, let us break down into bite size chunks. Happiness may play a significant quodos Genealogy also is a key player Lifestyle as we well know has a strong impact, when & what we eat must be considered. Then there is the medicine we take,this can build up resistance to […]

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