Test Yourself , you might like your own discovery?


Happy in the knowledge that you can beat off Β the competition! Β πŸ˜†

Time is your friend it can heal, repair & restore. Respect it!


For the times you are looking for that perfect document.

See you in the near future! Β MB


We Dare to Dream, we think & don’t Act

In the driving seat !
In the driving seat !

With the power of mind we strive for a better Health Service, patient throughput is a major issues that requires serious consideration. Why? Because,patients are dying in our hands!Our management are pulling strings that are driving more of us into the “Private Sector” – “Pay per appointment ” is not far off.
Our 1950s service is over,our community will not bare the brunt of this much longer.Jeremy Hunt & his whipping club has driven the staff into either hiding behind Union bully girls or doctoring patients into accepting a phone service! SERVICE,THERE IS NOT SERVICE

We look to our future CCG partners to secure the best deal for all concerned, not just the “High Flyers”, we all have families !

Care Plan 0.1

Time, Do, Value
Waiting for Action!
  • From, here into mid_November I believe my mood needs to improve.
  • Emotive Actions need to be eradicated
  • Communication & belief structures must be inspiring not destructive.
  • Brain function research may be enlightening.
  • Action Plan & work-flow to follow.Late Oct’2015
  • All intelectual rights are willing shared at present.